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Heres Submit a new platform for Djs and Artists to get there talent heard.

New Music/Video

Thank you for your interest in submitting new music to Fresh Radio 247
Please read the information on this page carefully before proceeding.

Digital Submission Process
1.Encode your MP3s at 320kbps (preferred).
2. Name your files according to this format:
Artist/DJ Name – Work Title (mix/other info).mp3
3.Prepare a summary.txt file that includes: ◦Your name
4.Your email address
5.Your URL (if applicable)
6.Track listing (if uploading a mix)
7.Comments for the channel directors

Although the names of your files will be visible to world, only our channel directors can download their contents.
We keep file names visible so that you can see when we have processed your submission. If the files are not there, we didn’t get to them yet.


Send Soundcloud & YouTube submissions to:  Via We Transfer here 

Soundcloud submissions will be placed here

View your YouTube submissions here